Thursday, May 14, 2009

Time is flying

I guess I've been busy, because this week is going fast.  Work in the lab is going along, with lots to do.  I'm trying to branch out and meet people in the Engineering side of the world here. (Though the ecologists are very pleasant.)  Lots of pipetting for me.  

Tuesday, I went to a practice for Zuri Ultimate Flyers, the mixed club team here.  They were pretty good and prepping for a Swiss National tourney this weekend.  It was interesting playing with people speaking a different language.  Thankfully, there were three other English-speaking-types, and the team was really good at translating for us.  It was really nice to get back in the game again, though I've been pitifully sore for a couple of days now.  

Last night, I went into town with my Persian roommate, Samira.  She was looking for more summery clothes, so we went to Bahnhofstrasse, the big shopping street here.  It was nice to wander around town a bit, but soreness got the best of me and we came home early.  I did finally figure out the multiple train pass situation.

On last Sunday, I went wandering on the hill nearby where there are a lot of forest paths.  The Swiss really seem to have it down.  They don't feel like every single person/family needs their own little house.  They have little shared garden plots for flat-dwellers.  They seem to recycle religiously, including greens.  Their cities don't sprawl for miles.  They just kind of run into pretty fields with interspersed housing.  And the transportation is amazing.  

This coming Saturday, I somehow got a spot in a 14-person 114 km (~67 miles) relay around the city.  My leg is about 7 miles through the north end of town.  The ecology department has a team and someone couldn't do it last minute.  It should be exciting.

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