Thursday, May 7, 2009

Swiss people speak a lot of languages.

I made it safely to Switzerland yesterday afternoon after a hassle-free flight.  By the way, the Amsterdam airport is very cozy.  The grad student whose project I'll be working on, Aline, picked me up from the airport and we bussed to Dubendorf, my home for the next two months.  My flat is run by two of the research institutions here in town, and I share it with two other foreign grad students.  We sent into the office/lab at eawag yesterday to see the place and fill out some paperwork.  I also took a trip to the Migros supermarket, which, like all supermarkets, was very exciting.  It turns out Zurich is not actually in the mountains, but there are a lot of pretty fields all around.

The architecture here is all very Swiss, yet very modern, and everything seems very new and clean.  There's a nice stream running through town with a great running path.  Many churches around town are regularly tolling out the time.  It's supposed to rain this weekend, so maybe I'll hop the commuter train into Zurich and check out a museum.  To do today: get bike repaired, more aclimating.  

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