Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cheeseries and bakeries

I took the trip down to Luzern today to meet with a prof there.  Most of the morning I had free for wander time.  It's such a pretty little town at the edge of the lake and mountains.  There was a farmers market going on along the river with really nice produce and breads.  Apparently it's apple season, because there were buckets and buckets of them.  I got some fresh apple juice/cider that was amazing.  The number of bakeries and cheese stores is absurd.  I might have to change my policy, because if I visited each one, I wouldn't be anywhere very fast.  So yummy.  And pungent.  

I came here three years ago with Matt and Jamie, and it was a little strange to walk by places where we walked or had hot chocolate.  Eerie.  I must say it was much better in the sunny weather than in constant drizzle.  

Otherwise, things are same old.  Matt got a job in Colorado, so he will officially be there too in the fall.  None of that long-distance business.  monkey.  business monkey.  ok bye

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