Thursday, June 18, 2009


I was out for a scheduled 11 mile run today, and felt so unnaturally happy at about 80 minutes, that I kept going and ended up running over 13 miles.  Those endorphins.  I used to think that distance runners must be totally crazy, but now I'm beginning to understand.  I felt like I could keep running for a long time and couldn't really feel my legs or feet.  They still don't really feel sore.  

I made an awesome pizza for dinner, so gotta go eat it.  Man, I feel giddy. . .

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Ian Hanson said...

Running is great when you can't feel your legs, I agree. It sounds like you really were in the zone at that point.

Congrats on running a half marathon. Now, you can easily train your way up to the real things; is that why you had a 'scheduled' run in the first place?

Cheers, Ian.