Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mumbai Heat and Faloodas

Our four days in Diu were immensely soothing to our travel-worn minds. One day, 4PM rolled around, and I sat on the beach asking what we did that day. Oh yeah, we woke up, had breakfast, chatted with people, went to the ice cream shop, and took a tuktuk to the beach. A very eventful day indeed. That's about how it went. There were a few other travellers staying at our lovely church hostel and we ended up having a couple of profound conversations. We did also have some strange Indian people experiences. One day an old guy in sunglasses followed us around the beach, so we started blabbing off in vaguely Cantonese-sounding gibberish with angry words inserted. On the way to the bus stop, Eman called our travel agency to double check our bus time. She must have asked, "So the bus to Mumbai leaves at 10:30?" about 5 times in the course of the conversations and was answered each time with a confused "What?!?" and the obligatory "yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. . ." I think the guy couldn't really understand, but it was pretty amusing to listen too.

We got on our bus to Mumbai at 10AM. Our little sleeper cabin was a box about 6'x4'x3' that we shared for 24 hours. It actually went by really fast, though the toilet breaks were a little yucky. Since when does a tile floor with a drain count as a toilet? You just squat and go wherever. yum. We got into Mumbai around 9:30AM the next day, passing by a few poverty-sticken areas on the way.

We easily found the Salvation Army hostel ($4 for a bed and breakfast) and went for a wander around town that encompassed cricket fields, the gateway of India, lots of old victorian buildings, a supermarket, and of course some snacks. We went to one place where Eman got the South Indian specialty masala dosa. It's kind of like a crepe that's crispy and you dip it into a nice masala sauce. I got an awesome thali (set meal with about 10 different things) for about 80 cents. Walking around made us really tired and hot, so we stopped in about an hour later for falooda, a Mumbai specialty. It is sweet syrup, milk, and ice cream with noodles. Very odd but very delicious.

Tomorrow we have a date for Slumgdog Millionare in a nearby theater.

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I could go for a falooda.