Friday, February 6, 2009

Last Days in Nepal

Today we leave Nepal for India. I've been here about a month, and I think I may have to come back someday. The scenery is lovely, and the people are super friendly. When you get out of the touristy areas of course. On returning from Pokhara mountain area, we did some much needed laundry (in the room against rules. were such rebels.) and went to the Monkey temple high above the city. The long stairs were a little rough on our tired legs but the view of the valley was worth it. Not as many monkeys as expected, but the ones there were very cute.

Yesterday, we went to Bhaktapur, a very old town in the valley which was really beautiful. They head really good local curd in locally made pots. yum, and had dinner with my co-volunteers before they head off to a 10-day tour. It was good to see them again.


Beth said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful time in Nepal. I don't think I would be as excited about fresh curds however as you are.

Jamie said...

I am semi-jealous. I would absolutely love to see the himalayas but i do not think i could eat indianish food for that long. Hope you enjoy India.