Saturday, January 10, 2009

Safe in Kathmandu

I arrived safely in Kathmandu today around 5PM. The promised airport pick-up didn't appear, but I met a nice lady on the palne who helped me get in touch with the guest house and get here. The city is totally different than anything I've ever seen. Less developed than China, people and dogs everywhere, trash in the streets, beautiful temples everywhere. There was even one I saw from the taxi that had a huge old banyan tree growing from the top. I met some French guys, one of whom is also volunteering. Tomorrow, I have a Nepalese lesson and will learn more about what's in store for me for the next month. The food here is amazing.


Beth said...

I glad you got to Nepal. What a great experience you are having. I think you like the food everywhere.

e said...

ooo..yummy food?! excellent;) can't wait to see ya soon. anything you need/want/crave from the states?