Monday, January 5, 2009

Alone in the world's most densly populated city

My family headed out of this continent on the morning of the 3rd. And I don't leave town until the 10th. I had originally thought it would be good to have a week to decompress before moving on to my next adventure, and in a way it is. It's hard to transition from being around family and friends to being on your own. There's little to listen to except your own thoughts. And you have to strike up random conversations with complete strangers if you want to open your mouth for something other than eating. I'm not quite transitioned into that mode yet, so it's been a quiet couple of days.

Yesterday, I took the 20 minute ferry to Lamma island, which has no cars, but a surprising number of expat residents. There were a lot of cute restaurants, many with tanks full of weird things like lampreys, bamboo clams, and abalone outside. I walked around the island for about 6 hours, stopping at a lovely secluded beach to read for a while. There was a great view from the island's summit and the surrounding island most resembled neverland, despite the 50-storey appartment complexes in the distance. It seemed like a little tropical island that could be in the Caribbean just as much as in the South China Sea. And dogs everywhere.

Today, I applied for my Nepal visa, which was super easy, and wandered around the city for my 6 hours before getting tired and returning to the hostel. (Where I'm sharing a 6-bed dorms with. . . myself) What are you supposed to do at 4PM after you've been walking for 6 hours and are all knackered, anyway? Lots of reading going on here. I've survived 3 days here without any major issues, and I'm sure I'll handle the next four with some level of contentment.

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Louis said...

Hey you might be alone in Hong Kong, but you are with each of us in our thoughts. We are having a little trouble with jet lag but why are you up at 2am?