Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Mellow Farewell to Tsinghua

Today is the day. My family arrives at the Beijing airport at 9:40, as my University life here comes to an end. It's been so great living, studying, and working here. I feel like I've learned a lot more about the world from all my foreigner friends, and hope to meet some of them again someday.

Yesterday, I had brunch (Western) with my Western friends, and dinner (Chinese) with my Chinese labmates. It was wonderful to have a last hurrah with everyone, and strange to say goodbye. They're ok when you know you'll see them again, cause you can just say, 'until next time. . .' but it's hard to say 'goodbye, I know I'll never see you again, have a good life.' I'm going to miss campus life here. So strange to be thrown in with a group of people and be best of friends for three months, then to have it end so suddenly. I'll miss you all so much.

Today will be the coldest day of my trip at a -10 windchill. Maybe Beijing's weather gods are trying to comfort me with a little feel of home.

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