Wednesday, November 19, 2008

真棒的天!My fabulous day

Yeah today was pretty good.

I've been doing a lot more work in the lab lately.  I have two reactors that are technically "mine," though another grad student helps a lot, but they are both going very well, and it's fun to solve the little problems that come up.  I also got to do some PCR (a useful molecular biology method that necessitates an anal retentive level of precision) today, which reminded me of the good old days at the lab at the U of M.  The grad students are all very nice and happy to speak English and exchange English practice for some valuable knowledge about their work.

I got confirmation today that I can spend two months in May and June in a big laboratory in Zurich helping a student with her aquatic ecology project, which will be awesome.  As an added bonus, now that I have friends living in Germany, Holland, and France, I can visit them and see their hometowns after I'm done in Zurich.

Tonight, I had dinner with my language partner, who is the cutest little Chinese girl.  Afterwards, we made chocolate pudding (amazing. . .) and got together with a bunch of my friends to eat chocolate in several forms and watch West Side Story.  

I'd say today was pretty sweet.  As another bonus, Matt will be here in two days!


Elsabeth said...

What a great day! That does sound nice. You're putting pictures of things up on facebook sometime, right?

I miss you!

e said...

woohoo! hehe, congrats on the experiments...sounds like stuffs going well for you. It's fun to read about your experiences. hope everything's going well. big hugs (and a lick from bailey;)

Beth said...

Sharing chocolate food sounds like fun. I also think doing work in Switzerland and touring Europe will be fun too. I hope you have a wonderful time showing Matt around China. Love, Mom