Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween in China

For most of the day, it didn't really seem very special.  I went to class.  I went to lab.  I went to work.  Pretty dull.  

In the evening, some friends organized a free hug event in front of the canteen.  Having never experienced a free hug shin-dig, I was curious.  It was awesome.  The Chinese people were generally really confused.  It took a bit for them to understand what we were doing (despite signs and costumes), but most were pretty willing to have a hug.  I think that all the people we hugged now think that foreigners all give each other hugs on Halloween.  

We went to a party at a pizza bar on campus.  At first it was pretty lame.  Just a bunch of excited Chinese freshman talking to us in English.  After a bit though, we met some really cute Chinese girls and talked to them for a couple of hours in Chinese about many things:  movies, sight-seeing, food.  It's so satisfying to be able to talk to Chinese people about things other than "What's your major?  Where are you from?"  I feel like I can almost hold normal conversations.

Afterward, some friends went to a nightclub, but we went to someone's dorm room and watched the eternal classic "The Princess Bride"  


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I'm reading all my Facebook friends' blogs now. I hope China continues to be awesome for you. When I was a kid I lived in Singapore for a year and a half and on Halloween I went to a few places for trick or treating and got some candy, but also got some packaged crackers with dried fish bits on them. That was gross. I was a mad scientist that year.

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My name is Iniago Montoya. You kill my father. Prepare to die.