Monday, October 6, 2008


I went with some of my French friends to the Carrefour in Beijing.  Carrefour is a French brand of supermarket.  Near the store and underground, they have starbucks, DQ, KFC, and many French brand clothing stores.  (By the way, Starbucks has resumed serving milk in their coffee.  There's hope for me as a milk addict yet.)

Surprisingly (and a little sad) Carrefour was exactly like the chinese supermarkets here.  Massive.  Has everything.  Cell phones? Books? Long underwear? Every kind of steamed bun imaginable? Individually packaged baby squids? Yep, everything.  At least everything Chinese.  And like Chinese supermarkets, it was packed.  Huge line to weigh your fruits, and about 30 minutes wait to check out.  

They did have a small import section, which was an interesting mix of International Chocolates, French cookies, boxed foie gras, American soup and cake mixed, Korean pickles, and lots of wine.  They had nutella too.  And camenbert for about 80 yuan.  Anyways it was exciting, though I am kind of glad that I'm not cooking here.  I never thought I'd say this, but grocery shopping here is like dangling your toes in a big hot fiery pit.  

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